New Tent!

Somehow I have gotten this far in life without owning my own tent. I’ve gotten by with mooching one from my father and sharing with Jake. I’ve been looking at bigger tents for car camping for quite a long time how, and after our trip to The Red it was pretty obvious that we needed a bigger tent for longer trips because two people in a two man backpacking tent is as crowded as a can of sardines. Then I happened on a tent on the clearance rack at EMS. I feel in love with the north face’s (discontinued) Manta Ray 33.

(Dog added for scale)

It has these little wings off the side that ad nice interior storage space.


As a result the vestibules are a little smaller then the ones on Jake’s mountain hardware tent; however, the huge interior more then makes up for it. There are also small outside pockets for the vestibules, which makes no sense at all to me… but there you have it.


It also has a lovely little gear hammock for all your little odds and ends… like knitting, glasses and headlamps and the lot. Or to hang up your damp socks to dry.


Thats the interior with an extra large therma rest and a regular sized ones pushed up all the way against one side. It does a good job of pointing out why you really wouldn’t want to put three people in it.