Bees are making progress

The lazy bees have finally decided to make a full comb of honey. Now if we can get to repeat that act a few more times they might make it though the winter.


The hive is boiling over with bees, and there is a ton of purple loostrife and golden rod for them to chow down on. They should be buckling down and getting to work.

IMG_1993 b

Purple Loostrife actually makes green nectar. I had hoped to see some when I peeked in on Saturday, but it was all golden colored. (I am well aware of how evil purple loostrife is; I don’t feel the need to discuss it here)


It looks like black pollen packed in the bottom. I’ve read that tulips have very dark pollen, but its rather late in the year for that. I also read that the bees will sometimes pack back coal dust, but where would they find coal around here?

I only looked at the last few bars to see the new comb was being build straight.


They’re still building away. This is the first comb I’ve seen them drawing out in more then one place at once. The otherones have always grown from one central point.


Bee Update

In the preserving pandemonium of the past few days I completely forgot about the hive inspection I did on Friday. They are building comb like crazy and there is a ton of capped brood. It seems like the queen has made herself quite busy laying in every available cell. I don’t know if its a direct result of that or not but there was very little honey and pollen in the hive. I know that Italians are egg laying machines, but I was hoping that they would eventually store some honey for the winter. I’ve got my fingers crossed and will check in again in a few weeks.

I recently cut somewhere between 15 and 20 inches of hair off. Previously when I wore my big full space man bee suit I would wear a baseball cap under it to keep the brim of the veil where I like it… otherwise it slides down and obstructs my view. I would put my hair in a bun and it would anchor my baseball cap in place. Now I have no bun and no anchoring device and it was quite annoying. from now on we are going back to wearing jeans and my jacket.


Picture recycled to provide some contrast on the jacket vs suit.

Last night around dusk I went out to check on my hive and noticed there was a fair bit of bearding going on. I suppose the bees are sick of the heat too.