I saw two honeybees foraging on the crocuses today. It was also the first day I saw the crocuses up.



If you click on that and go to all sizes you can see her little feet.



I’m a bad blogger

Or a very busy one…

Today was really nice. I scooted to school both days I had class, and before that I went to SnB, then to Jenny’s house, then home… I also scooted to my aunts house. And I didn’t even have a full tank when I started this mission. Its no wonder that my tank was all the way on E when I checked it out half way to school today. Lucky for me there was a gas station near by.

When I got home I took the dog into the yard to enjoy some fresh air. I sent her to look for flowers.


She found a bunch of little shoots, but only one little patch of snowdrops.