P is for Pickle

That’s good enough for me. Oh pickle pickle pickle starts with P.




Did you know cucumbers where spiky? Luckily the spikes wash right off.




I made Alton Browns Ab’s B and B’s and Kinda Sorta Sours refrigerator pickles. I’m not big on processing the home preserving stuff without my mother watching out for me. I’ve also made the carrot pickles from that episode.

so very domestic

I thought with all my new found free time I would be knitting, spinning, and weaving my butt off. Instead I’ve been cooking. Baking bread, and dumping ingredients into the bread machine. Today I have my eyes set on something completely different.


I just watched the Good Eats pickling episode and am going to the store to get carrots, dried chilies, and lids for our mason jars so I can make Firecrackers.