Rainbow yarn

I finally finished the first half of some really bright merino supper wash roving from Play at Life Fiber Arts. I needed to get it off my Two Tails Spindle before the Tour de Fleece starts.

I droped it the other day and the cop slid down revealing the pretty layers of color.


I rewound it onto a bobbin from one of my wheels. I put the bobbin onto my louet and put the drive band over the whorl on the bobbin (its from my double drive wheel) Then I tried letting the spindle sit gently on my hands, but found that winding the singles on as if I was going to Andean ply works much better. Since the cop is not evenly wound the spindle needs to constantly rotate at different speeds in the first method making it a bit awkward, especially when you get towards the end.


Then I might have borrowed the pretty “new” wheel to ply on. We went outside and I quickly Navajo plied it up. I seriously don’t know how you could Navajo ply on a wheel without a tensioned Kate.


It looks much nicer now that its had a bath and has dried out… but I’m too lazy to take new pictures.

rainbow yarn


Pretty Spindle

I don’t think I ever posted about the spindle I got from cavyshops over on etsy. Its super pretty and spins well too.



I spun up the fiber that was packed with it, then wound it onto a bobbin and navajo plied it on my wheel.



I wound it on my adorable mini niddy noddy, then stuck it in the sink with some wool wash. It is upstairs drying now.