I decided to drop down to the section that needed fixing. This is kind of tricky with lace and cables because the stitches move around, and you can’t just drop down directly above the mistake. What I do is look for an unmoving column of stitches on either side of my woopsie. Because of the way the twisted rib columns come to a point, this is a bit tricky. I followed the last twisted stitch up to the point, which is also where the row of purls ended.

knit surgery

This means that If I drop it where the two red lines meet I should have the portion I need to fix. Now for the tricky part. There are double decreases forming the point, so if I drop it there it will have all that stuff between the twisted rib columns, I would prefer to drop just what i need to fix my mistake. To deal with this I slipped the two leftmost stitches from the double decrease back onto the left needle. and saved them until I got back to that row. I have to apologize for the lack of pictures, but I didn’t want to jinx myself by getting cocky. I used a second set of needles to knit my way back up. DPN’s or short straights would be ideal for the task.

It looks a little bit wonky still. I have been working on spreading out the loosey goosey stitches that happened as a result of the process, and by the time it is all blocked out it will be hardly noticeable.

I am down to 7 rows to the body of the shawl and I am really starting to feel a bit burnt out.



I blame this on the fact that my shawl is now so big that I can not properly spread it out and look at the entire thing.


I wanted to enter this into the garment competition at Rhinebeck. I now need to decide how important that is to me, then come up with a plan of attack.


1) Rip it all the way back to that bottom lifeline and re-knit all of that work (43 rows) and make myself sick working all that twisted rib again and be resigned to not finishing it this year.

2) Drop down the section between the ribbed columns and knit it back up, I think after blocking that would look OK.

3) Screw it and just keep knitting. This is what I would normally do, but in a piece this big that has taken up so much of my time I feel that I ought to fix it.