July 21st Already?

I think I’ve been absent for too long. I haven’t been feeling too stellar, but I’m back in action now. I have been spinning for the tour de fleece and sewed up a pair of shorts for myself. I just took a quick peek at the bees and they are working on building out bar 10. They have even started to store nectar in it already.


They really don’t have much honey stored and I’m a bit worried that they won’t have enough stores for winter. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope.


Bee Update

In the preserving pandemonium of the past few days I completely forgot about the hive inspection I did on Friday. They are building comb like crazy and there is a ton of capped brood. It seems like the queen has made herself quite busy laying in every available cell. I don’t know if its a direct result of that or not but there was very little honey and pollen in the hive. I know that Italians are egg laying machines, but I was hoping that they would eventually store some honey for the winter. I’ve got my fingers crossed and will check in again in a few weeks.

I recently cut somewhere between 15 and 20 inches of hair off. Previously when I wore my big full space man bee suit I would wear a baseball cap under it to keep the brim of the veil where I like it… otherwise it slides down and obstructs my view. I would put my hair in a bun and it would anchor my baseball cap in place. Now I have no bun and no anchoring device and it was quite annoying. from now on we are going back to wearing jeans and my jacket.


Picture recycled to provide some contrast on the jacket vs suit.

Last night around dusk I went out to check on my hive and noticed there was a fair bit of bearding going on. I suppose the bees are sick of the heat too.


Jake Wanted to See the Bees

These are from Saturday, my mom took these pictures from what she deemed a safe distance.





That’s my super awesome frame stand. Its made up of bubble gum buckets I got from someone at my office. I was using it to point out things to Jake since he did not want to hold the bar.


Jake took some pictures too including this one with various size larva and some capped brood. If you wonder over to flickr there are a few more I didn’t share. Also clicking pictures should bring you to the flickr page where you can view gigantic versions.

Back to the Bees

I went in while it was still sunny this morning. I didn’t do a really deep inspection, just a look see to see if there was brood.


I saw some larva and the capped brood, and didn’t look hard enough to find any eggs while I was outside, but looking at the zoomed in version of that picture I can see some.

I was glad to see the bees stopped being lazy and started building all the way across their bars. Previously they got half way across before starting the next bar.

If the queen started laying as soon as I put her in there will be new bees emerging this weekend. I’m looking forward to my hive finally building up.

Have you noticed the lack of bee talk?

I have to admit I’m a bit scared to open up my hive and see how things are going. The timing seems to make me think that I squished my queen durring an inspection, and I’m afraid it will happen again. I need to suck it up and have a look in to see how things are going. The weather for Tuesday says sunny and a high of 74 which sounds like a good day to look in. Hopefully I will see lots of brood and eggs and some new comb.

Inspection #3

I looked in today and saw no queen, no larva, no eggs and a lot of drone brood. I’m not sure what to think about it. its not exactly surprising that I didn’t see the queen because I’m not that good at looking for her. It does worry me that I didn’t see any eggs or capped brood. I also have to look though my pictures to see if I missed anything while looking though my veil.

On a more fun note, I had to cut out a piece of comb because they built it extra wide and it was attached to two bars.


I tried to figure out how to bring it to Allison at SnB tonight (she voulnteered to be my official honey taster, but with such soft wax it had fail written all over it.


I scraped off some of the comb that was attached to the wall too. They had started to attach 3 of the bigger combs to the side, and it broke when I pulled the bar up. I need to remember to move more slowly next time and cut before pulling the bars up. The girls have also started to glue the cracks between the bars together. At least they are making themselves at home


At any rate, I ate some of the honey then I gave everything back to the bees so it doesn’t go to waste.

Also, 2 of the entrance holes have unplugged themselves mysteriously. Its really odd and I wish I knew what did it.