Did I really need more honey?


I went to the farmers market on Saturday to check out the honey. I knew that I wanted to get some orange blossom honey which is nice and light. He also had mangrove honey which was dark and reminded me of buckwheat honey. When I got home and tasted it there was a faint salty oceany background to it. I will try it again on a day I haven’t been soaking in ocean water and see if I still notice it.


Inspection #3

I looked in today and saw no queen, no larva, no eggs and a lot of drone brood. I’m not sure what to think about it. its not exactly surprising that I didn’t see the queen because I’m not that good at looking for her. It does worry me that I didn’t see any eggs or capped brood. I also have to look though my pictures to see if I missed anything while looking though my veil.

On a more fun note, I had to cut out a piece of comb because they built it extra wide and it was attached to two bars.


I tried to figure out how to bring it to Allison at SnB tonight (she voulnteered to be my official honey taster, but with such soft wax it had fail written all over it.


I scraped off some of the comb that was attached to the wall too. They had started to attach 3 of the bigger combs to the side, and it broke when I pulled the bar up. I need to remember to move more slowly next time and cut before pulling the bars up. The girls have also started to glue the cracks between the bars together. At least they are making themselves at home


At any rate, I ate some of the honey then I gave everything back to the bees so it doesn’t go to waste.

Also, 2 of the entrance holes have unplugged themselves mysteriously. Its really odd and I wish I knew what did it.