More from Grandma

I wish I had more time in the day to come up with thoughtful posts.

My grandma had vanity plates on her car…

act II

She chose those because Act II was always where the action was. You see she was a theater critic and playwright.

My dad turned up a set in her garage. I have no idea how old these are because CT got rid of the blue and white plates some time ago. My dad is thinking of bringing one to one of those bars with plates all over the walls.


Dolls, dolls, dolls

My mom brought over theh 2 dolls I wanted from my grandma. One is the dream baby doll that I would play with when I was little.

I also have this doll. I forget its entire backstory, but my grandma has had it since she was little. I think it came from a world’s fair. Most of my pictures came out wacky, but this one was passable.


The back of her head is marked, so I should be able to find her on the internet.