Speaking of fiber festivals….

I went to RI sheep and wool a few weeks ago. Its a tiny little festival, but I found some pretty fiber from Play at Life Fiber Arts, and some fiber wash from a member of my RI SnB who has no website.


That’s superwash merino on my Two Tails spindle (I’ll talk about that at another time) The crazy bright colorway is loud and proud. I love it, but I think it will have to be Navajo plied to keep it from getting too muddy.


I’ve also been chugging along on Evenstar. One day I will finish it :)


MA Sheep and Wool

Saturday I went to MA sheep and wool where I met up with Sharron and her boyfriend and enjoyed the fibery goodness. (and sweet potato fries)

Behold my bag of fiber related stuff that I bought at the show and brought along for the weekend climbing/camping afterward.


I did have a nice argyle sheep button I picked up at the fair, but I must not have closed it good because it disappeared shortly after I attached it.


I’m on a pretty tight budget so there wasn’t too much purchased by me. In the background is an Indigo batt dyed over brown wool. Sadly I didn’t think to grab a card so I have no idea who I bought it from.


I got some of this Wenslydale stuff I keep hearing about from Gnomespun Yarns. Its combed top in the summer rain colorway.


The last of the fiber purchases is Panda roving in the sweetheart colorway from Spunky Eclectic. Its 60% superwash merino, 30% bamboo viscose and 10% nylon. It would make lovely socks, except I think it would be even prettier as a lacey scarf with that one long repeat. That picture is of the brain with the first chunk ripped off and spun up on….


My Greensleeves bare bones spindle. It was also purchased from Spunky Eclectic. I didn’t have any tiny spindles and the price was right, so I went for it. I’m very happy with it as an addition to my collection.