Out of Bread

We’re out of bread and I want a sandwich. What the normal person does is gets in her car and drives to the store to purchase a new bread. What I do is rummage around the pantry, swear about not having any powdered milk, then google up a bread machine recipe that for potato bread. I use the scientific method of picking the first one on the list and firing up the bread machine. Now I am patiently waiting for the bread to finish while doing laundry and generally putting off studying for my geometry final on Monday. I also ordered Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day since my library’s copy seems to have gone missing. If I can get the hang of my dutch oven this summer I can bake bread outside and have fresh bread without heating up the whole house. Tho trying to wrassle with the dutch oven to keep temperatures correct takes away from the convenience factor.

My mom ordered The Bread Lover’s Bread Machine Cookbook. I had taken the latter out of the library and renewed it at least once. Its a huge book and has a ton or recipes in it. By the way I don’t consider the bread machine to be bread bakeing, but it is way better then store bought bread.