July 21st Already?

I think I’ve been absent for too long. I haven’t been feeling too stellar, but I’m back in action now. I have been spinning for the tour de fleece and sewed up a pair of shorts for myself. I just took a quick peek at the bees and they are working on building out bar 10. They have even started to store nectar in it already.


They really don’t have much honey stored and I’m a bit worried that they won’t have enough stores for winter. I will just have to cross my fingers and hope.

Back to the Bees

I went in while it was still sunny this morning. I didn’t do a really deep inspection, just a look see to see if there was brood.


I saw some larva and the capped brood, and didn’t look hard enough to find any eggs while I was outside, but looking at the zoomed in version of that picture I can see some.

I was glad to see the bees stopped being lazy and started building all the way across their bars. Previously they got half way across before starting the next bar.

If the queen started laying as soon as I put her in there will be new bees emerging this weekend. I’m looking forward to my hive finally building up.

Happy humpday

I took the plunge and signed up for the beekeeping class. I’m not entirely sure what I”m getting myself into as I’m not even sure where the bees will go. I have 2 spots in our yard picked out, but I’m nervous about annoying the neighbors. I also asked my dad if his club would mind hosting a hive. They have a huge amount of land and are surrounded by state forest.

I’ve been working on Evenstar. 4 rows last night, another 4 today. Something is looking off to me so I stopped where I was. I find it best to sleep on it before doing a rip or major tink back. I’m a slow knitter so going back a few rows is very annoying.