Hot! Hot! Hot!


I went outside yesterday to put a bucket of water out for the bees only to find a big beard on the solid bottomed hive. The hive with a screened bottom had nothing.


I pulled some bars out and put a window screen across.


Then I propped the screen up with one of the top bars (some mulch and grass stuck to the propolis) Hopefully this will make them a bit more comfortable today. It should be much cooler after tonight.

whats for dinner?

leek bee

The flowering leeks are seeing a lot of traffic from our local pollinators.  I think the bees where feasting on the linden trees on my block for a while, and now that they are done flowering there isn’t a lot left for them to go after.  They are also visiting clover, and some unknown purple flowers in our garden.   I saw some purple loostrife yesterday so maybe they will get an OK flow from that and I can get a honey harvest this year.

Random Pictures

Clearing out the memory card on my camera.


Polenta with dandelion greens, peppers, onions, and bacon.

The bees don’t care for the blueberries much, but there where some ants in the flowers.


Anyone know what this is?  It reminds me of bleeding hears and I see it all over the place in New Hampshire.


We were out in the yard picking up rose branches that I pulled out of our apple tree a few days ago when Jake noticed the swarm of bees on one of the lower branches.

Put them in a storage bin with some top bars on top while we scrambled to get the mostly finished hive Jake made me set up.

The little box of bees was rather charming while it sat under the apple tree.

(I wore the gloves because I have to have a TB test that needs to be read tomorrow for school and I didn’t want any chance of having that get screwed up)

I had given them a bar with a small amount of comb and some nectar in it to entice them to stay. Having the top bars in the box made it easy to transfer the bees into the new hive. I just picked up two – three bars at a time and put them into the hive. I dumped the remaining handful directly into the hive.

Swooosh…. Bzzzzzzz

I skied out to my hive today. Its not supper far back from the driveway but walking though snow that is knee high or deeper is not fun, and I already had the skis out from earlier in the day.


I knocked the snow off the top. I didn’t see any bees or dead bees out front so I knocked on the side and heard them buzz. So they are still alive. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they’ll make it to spring.