Ellington Sprint Triathlon

This weekend I did the Ellington Sprint Triathlon. I haven’t really been running so I knew this would be a sufferfest for me. Its a put on by the local parks and rec, and isn’t a sanctioned race, so i wasn’t sure what to expect. The short version is this is an extreamly well organized local race with fun swag.


I screwed up and didn’t set my alarm properly, so I got a later start then indented. I reheated my oatmeal and jumped into my pre-packed car. They had registration & body marking set up at a picnic table without much of a line. There wasn’t much of a line for either. I got my transition area set up and pondered weather or not to wear a wetsuit. I ultimately decided to go with “not”. I have a pretty good body position so the wetsuit doesn’t help me as much as it helps others, and for a 1/4 mile swim I’m not sure it’s worth it.

The water was really warm, and pretty shallow. I dolphin dove for the first 25 yards or so and then beelined out to the bouy. Unfortunately after I turned back towards shore I couldn’t actually see where the swim out was. I was towards the front and there weren’t many people to follow. Sadly this led to me taking an awful line and swimming a lot of extra yards.

Transition 1 was uneventful. I was pretty dizzy so I took things slower then I would have liked. Without a wetsuit I was still pretty quick.

The bike started with a slight uphill and then a downhill/flat stretch. I kept waiting for the infamous “Hill” every time I started up a hill I’d question weather or not “the hill” was coming or not. I finally hit it almost at the end of the course. It was way steeper then expected and a lot of people walked up it. After “the hill” it was a pretty easy cruise into the finish.

T2 was OK, I had issues with the back of my shoe getting rolled in so that took more time then I would have liked

I knew the run would be bad since I really haven’t been running much. I planned on walking a lot of it which did happen. There was also a guy behind me who was slowly making ground on me which did cause me to walk fast and run more often then I wanted to. He finally caught me before the big uphill and we chatted a bit.

Post race fun. This race only does awards for overall winners, which I don’t mind. They also had a ton of raffle prizes which was pretty awesome. The food was also good. They had a bunch of sweet stuff which is what I crave after a hard workout. They also had chocolate milk donated from a local dairy.

Overall I’d say this is a great local race that everyone should try and hit up eventually.


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