Crabman Race Report

I really need to take my camera to races…. sorry for the lack of pictures.


The Crabman Sprint Tri was a few weeks ago over in Rhode Island.  It was my first real ocean swim, the rest of my salt water triathlons where in the sound or protected bays.  It was CHOPPY.  Other races said that this was the worst its ever been.  I did not enjoy the swim.  Between all the contact with other swimmers, the chop, and the difficulties with sighting I was very cranky and approaching what one might call panic.  If the swim was much longer actual panic probably would have happened.  In order to site the buoys you had to time it between waves.  This swim course was a rectangle and only had turn buoys… one in the middle would have been greatly appreciated.

The bike had a supper long run from transition to the mount line.  I lollygaged and lost some time during the run/walk to the mount line.  I did have my best ever bike average; 18.2 according to my Garmin.  Averaging over 18mph was one of my goals for this season, so YAY ME!  It was a two lap bike course and I was in the second to last wave, so the course was fairly crowded on my first lap.


The run was the run.  I do not like running.  I tried to run as much as possible and managed to minimize the walking.  The flatness of the course meant I could see the finish line from a good ways off… it was cruel and unusual punishment.

Tri mom productions put on a nice race.  Everything was well organized, good post race food (mmm poptarts).  However, there was a HUGE line to get your times.  They had computers set up so people could go up and check. And the overall results pages didn’t show everyone’s splits, so it was hard to compare myself to others in my age  group.


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