Someone in my knitting group posted about trying the miracle gro-ables this year. I clicked on over to amazon and saw a set of 18 “seed pods” which are basically a compostable pot with dirt, seeds, and fertilizer built in for $20

From the product discrpition

Your Kit includes 18 Miracle-Gro Gro-ables Seed Pods featuring:
Salad Garden
1 Globe Tomato
1 Cherry Tomato
1 Cucumber
2 Loose-Leaf Lettuce
2 Butterhead Lettuce
1 Romaine Lettuce
1 Snap Pea
2 Smooth-Leaf Spinach
1 Sweet Pepper Plus, the Herb Garden
2 Basil
2 Cilantro
2 Dill

A couple things to note here. These pods are extremely small. I can’t imagine getting more then one plant out of most of these. I also can’t imagine setting up a trellis and planting just one snap pea or cucumber. These seeds come in a pointy pod, so you would have to rig something up to start the tomatoes and peppers inside. On a side note, the picture shows the pod sticking out of the soil, which is a no-no. If you leave the pod exposed it will wick water away from the plants roots. Plus using any kind of compostable pots also restrict root growth, and whenever I plant mine in the ground I’ll put a couple of slits down the sides of the pots to let the roots get out.

This made me curious, so I went to Ocean State Joblot were they sell 2014 burpee seeds for 50% off and added up the msrp and the discounted prices. Then, just for fun, I went to baker creek and added up their prices. Baker Creek has a store in CT, so I could drive their and buy in person.

Screen shot 2014-04-27 at 1.28.55 PM

Ocean State Joblot also has 8 packs of compostable pots for $0.80, and the home depot website has seed starting mix for $4. I have always direct sewn lettuce, spinach, and peas… so you don’t need pots for those.

The tomatoes and peppers may have way more seeds then you need, but the unused ones will last until next year. If you search around online you can find information on the “proper” way to store seeds and how long different seeds will last in storage. You can also get two plantings in one season out of lettuce, spinach, and peas.


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