Next year’s garden…

Its never too early to start dreaming┬áplanning for next years garden. I think I’ll go for a community garden plot again, but avoid tomatos. There is too much early blight to make it worth the effort. I might try to dig up and overwinter some of the artichokes, and I’ll be trying to grow them again. The plants are really cool looking and people at the garden are impressed with them. In the same family are cardoons. I’ve never had a cardoon, but its another cool looking plant. Because you eat the leaf stalks, it doesn’t matter if they get buds the first year or not. I’ll have to wait for my seed catalogs before I plan too much much moe.



At least all my artichoke growing effort has yielded something. I hope the other plants will decide to join in.



They seem to have a bit of a pest problem, but the plants don’t seem to mind too much.


And I have some assistance in the matter.

My luffas are growing like weeds, but still only have two fruits on them.



They’re still attracting pollinators like crazy.

I made a hammock

I followed some online tutorials and ordered some crinkle taffeta table cloths form THis hammock used a 60×126 purple tablecloth. I sewed a channel in each end with my trusty pacesetter 2100 and some gutterman sew all. I put 5 rows of stitching at each end instead of the four rows most people do. (I’m weird and prefer multiples of 5… just take that for what it is.)

(ignore the laundry drying on the chair backs)

I had some cord I took off my hennesy hammock, so I strung that though my channels. I used a clove hitch to tie it off to my back yard hammock stand.


I feel obligated to point out that I have no idea how strong this hammock actually is. My mom, brother, and I all gave it a test without any issues, but use your own judgement in such matters.

Today in the garden

Community garden… (as always click to enbiggen)


Pollen butt


Getting a drink



Luffa gords are the only thing that really took off for me. THe pollinators are enjoying the fall flowers.


I hope the gords mature before it frosts.


They have a really interesting smell that I can’t describe.


This wasp nest is up high, but right next to the side walk. I wonder how many people walk under it and don’t notice? How many of those people would freak out if they did notice?

In my yard…




(yes I washed them off before they came inside)