In which I hang a shawl in a tree


I knit this a while ago. A friend of mine asked me to find something to enter into our sheep and wool’s contest since its a new addition to our festival and they wanted to make sure they had some entries. Entries had to be 100% wool, so I didn’t have much to choose from. Anyway, I came home with a nice ribbon. Apparently the judge loved my shawl and didn’t have to think much about a winner.


The pattern is Adamas knit with Knitpicks Shadow in Midnight. Its a navy blue green heather that is quite pretty in person.


Remember when I used to talk about fiber?


I still do that stuff sometimes. Today at spinning guild we had an awesome workshop with Robin Russo on exotic fibers. We had 11 fiber samples to play with and it really was a lot of ton. How could 15 micron cashmere not be fun? I also really liked the yak and pygora.


I also attempted to card weave the other day. It took me a while to get my coordination going, but i made something resembling a pattern eventually.