I think I want to plant some gords along the fence line and let them climb up the fence skeleton. I’m not sure how the tree stumps will interfere with this. Only one way to find out! I’m not sure if I’m going to have them grow straight up or I will make more of an A fram trellis and have them start somewhere between the fence and the driveway. THe later would give them more protection from the vicious weed eaters.


Garden Planning

I have a community garden plot this year. It seems so huge to me at 20 x 32 feet. I am trying to decide if I should plant a bunch of varieties of tomatoes and peppers, or stick to single varieties and plant more of each. For the tomatoes I think I will plant several paste tomatoes for canning, and then one or two of the other varieties I have sitting in my seed collection. I think i’ll pick a few different sweet peppers because there are so many pretty ones.

I think I’m going to try ground cherries this year. I’ve never tasted one before, but they are neat looking. Its supposed to be prolific and good for making jams and pies. The reviews on Bakers Creek’s website are encouraging.

The bees are flying one one hive, I think the other is dead.  I’m going to try to do some swarm management this morning and do  a once over on the dead hive.  First inspection of the year is a bit intimidating!

Pop-up Greenhouse!

I managed to talk my mom into getting a little temporary greenhouse for seed starting and season extending.  I’m so excited and this warm weather is tempting me to start stuff NOW!  Seeds are cheap so maybe I will start some now and some at the normal time.

Right now I have some artichokes started. I’ve been following these directions from the CT agriculture experiment station.

I’ve also got some garlic going strong. I should weed that once the bed dries out a little more.

And my might seed collection waiting for summer.