New Toys

We had a spinning guild meeting not too long ago.  Window shopping at our vendors left me wanting a support spindle in a bad way.  I searched around etsy and artfire for a little bit before finding Pumpkin Hill Farm’s Russian spindles.  They had a beautiful padauk spindle made locally.



Now I just have to learn how to use it. Supported spindles rely heavily on long draw, which has never been my forte. I also have to get my muscles used to the new potion.



I seem to have something eating my piper nigrum (black pepper) plant.  I have little white/sandy looking dots all over the back of the leaves and stem and it seems that there is something chewing on the leaves.  I’m not sure what pest I have on my hands but I think I will give it a cool shower and then spray it with some neem oil.  (click pictures to get to bigger versions)