Peckham’s Greenhouse

One of the bike routes I do when visiting RI goes by Peckham’s Greenhouse I finally decided to go check them out. They have a huge selection of house plants in their many greenhouses. I’m sure during the summer their collection of outdoor plants is impressive as well.




I also stopped at the Island Garden Shop. THey had a lovely greenhosue filled with indoor plants and a nice slection of pots. I was actually looking for some pots so this worked out well. I picked out some Rosso’s International pots. These are made of bamboo and other plant bits and will start to break down after 3 years of indoor use. I liked the colors and I liked the price. I figure that I get sick of my pots after a few years anyway so this would be an interesting way to get some turnover in my planter collection.



October Storm

We really didn’t get much snow, but with all the leaves on the trees I lost power for five days. I actually went off to Rhode Island once I found out I had no school this week.



We just lost some junk brush trees on our property line… that darned walnut tree that throws walnuts on our cars is still standing.


Our new doggie Na’vi



We used him to keep us warm, but now he thinks he belongs on the couch.