Who needs a wooly winder?


It’s cheaper to be obsessive about moving the sliding hook. (That, and I couldn’t get a wooly winder for this wheel even if I wanted to.)

This is Frabjous Fibers merino in Hespera. Its been spinning very nicely for me. I was leaning toward knitting something a bit lacy with this, but I think the yarn will be kind of stripey. I’m considering trying to fight the stripe by dividing up the other half of the roving length wise a few times. That way the colors will (allegedly) be less likely to line up. I think the orange and pink will contrast too much against the blue and green that it won’t matter what I do. I should know better and stick to solids for lacey projects.


Hot! Hot! Hot!


I went outside yesterday to put a bucket of water out for the bees only to find a big beard on the solid bottomed hive. The hive with a screened bottom had nothing.


I pulled some bars out and put a window screen across.


Then I propped the screen up with one of the top bars (some mulch and grass stuck to the propolis) Hopefully this will make them a bit more comfortable today. It should be much cooler after tonight.

whats for dinner?

leek bee

The flowering leeks are seeing a lot of traffic from our local pollinators.  I think the bees where feasting on the linden trees on my block for a while, and now that they are done flowering there isn’t a lot left for them to go after.  They are also visiting clover, and some unknown purple flowers in our garden.   I saw some purple loostrife yesterday so maybe they will get an OK flow from that and I can get a honey harvest this year.