More Plants!

I’m in a crazy school program this summer…. I have six hours of class four days a week and I appear to be takeing out my stress by buying plants.  Today on my way home from school I stopped at two nurseries.  The first one had a lot of nice (and expensive) orchids, and neon tomato cages.  The second had this awesome Egyptian Onion (also known as a walking onion or an onion tree)


It grows onion sets on the top of the hollow stemy leafy things.


And then those grow out ….


And even more grow. I think that one has like four sets on it. (or is it sets of sets? The whole onion terminology confuses me) When it gets to heavy the thing flops over and basically plants itself. The little onions and the greens are edible, and they are supposed to be prolific and overwinter well.


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