Black Bean Burger

I made a couple black bean burger sliders for an afternoon snack today. I’ve got the rest of the batch in the fridge to eat later.


I based it on this recipie for spicy black bean burgers.


  • I left out the cilantro and hot sauce because we didn’t have any and I don’t love cilantro as much as the rest of the world.
  • I used italian bread crumbs because that was all we had
  • I want out in the garden and pulled up a baby head of garlic.  It had 2 big cloves and 2 or 3 little cloves.  I also chopped up the bottom part of the garlic stem and tossed it in.
They came out pretty good.  They are a bit moist so I would probably drain the beans  longer, drain the peper and onion mix before adding it in, and maybe let the burgers sit for a while so the breadcrumbs would soak up some juice.   I might just chop up the pepers onions and garlic next time because its a pain to clean the food processor.
I stuck it on a couple slices of baguette and topped it off with some deer tongue lettuce from the garden, tomato, ketchup and mayo.  I’m so happy to go out in the garden and pull stuff up to cook with.

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