I checked on the bees Sunday. The swarm is building crazy comb, and I’m doing my best to keep sticking fresh bars between the straight combs, but there is something flowing right now and they are building comb like crazy. I am hoping that as long as I can keep the brood nest straight the rest can be worked to the back and harvested. According to Wikipedia “To produce their wax, bees must consume about eight times as much honey by mass.” I’m not sure how accurate that is, but I do know that producing wax takes a lot of energy, so I”m releuctant to knock down comb unless its completely crooked.

A small chunk did fall off while I was inspecting. Sadly I was forced to crush it and strain out the honey in what may be the worlds smallest crush and strain harvest.


More Plants!

I’m in a crazy school program this summer…. I have six hours of class four days a week and I appear to be takeing out my stress by buying plants.  Today on my way home from school I stopped at two nurseries.  The first one had a lot of nice (and expensive) orchids, and neon tomato cages.  The second had this awesome Egyptian Onion (also known as a walking onion or an onion tree)


It grows onion sets on the top of the hollow stemy leafy things.


And then those grow out ….


And even more grow. I think that one has like four sets on it. (or is it sets of sets? The whole onion terminology confuses me) When it gets to heavy the thing flops over and basically plants itself. The little onions and the greens are edible, and they are supposed to be prolific and overwinter well.

Black Bean Burger

I made a couple black bean burger sliders for an afternoon snack today. I’ve got the rest of the batch in the fridge to eat later.


I based it on this recipie for spicy black bean burgers.


  • I left out the cilantro and hot sauce because we didn’t have any and I don’t love cilantro as much as the rest of the world.
  • I used italian bread crumbs because that was all we had
  • I want out in the garden and pulled up a baby head of garlic.  It had 2 big cloves and 2 or 3 little cloves.  I also chopped up the bottom part of the garlic stem and tossed it in.
They came out pretty good.  They are a bit moist so I would probably drain the beans  longer, drain the peper and onion mix before adding it in, and maybe let the burgers sit for a while so the breadcrumbs would soak up some juice.   I might just chop up the pepers onions and garlic next time because its a pain to clean the food processor.
I stuck it on a couple slices of baguette and topped it off with some deer tongue lettuce from the garden, tomato, ketchup and mayo.  I’m so happy to go out in the garden and pull stuff up to cook with.


On Sunday I picked up an orchid off the rack of dead plants at Lowes. It looked OK, but had no flowers left on it. Since I know nothing about orchids I didn’t have a lot to go on. I decided to go for it since it was only $7 and I have always wanted an orchid.


I dug the poor plant out of its puney cermaic tray and found a sad site.


It was in a pot that had no drain holes and was packed as tight as possible with sphagnum moss. I actually had to get out a garden trowel to lever the moss lose. I cut off all the dead and rotten looking roots. From what I’m reading on orchid forums I’m pondering weather or not its worth getting some rooting hormone to give it a little boost.