We were out in the yard picking up rose branches that I pulled out of our apple tree a few days ago when Jake noticed the swarm of bees on one of the lower branches.

Put them in a storage bin with some top bars on top while we scrambled to get the mostly finished hive Jake made me set up.

The little box of bees was rather charming while it sat under the apple tree.

(I wore the gloves because I have to have a TB test that needs to be read tomorrow for school and I didn’t want any chance of having that get screwed up)

I had given them a bar with a small amount of comb and some nectar in it to entice them to stay. Having the top bars in the box made it easy to transfer the bees into the new hive. I just picked up two – three bars at a time and put them into the hive. I dumped the remaining handful directly into the hive.


3 thoughts on “Swarm

  1. Very cool, Kate. Jake had mentioned your top bar hives, but I never really understood what they looked like until seeing these pics just now.

  2. I’m assuming that TB test doesn’t stand for Top Bar. What’s the connection between hive inspection, and a TB test failure?

    1. TB as in tuberculous. They need to check the test sight for swelling after. I had been warned to stay away from lotions and not to scratch because any strange reactions would result in a failed test, so I decided a bee sting wouldn’t be great either.

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