Ghetto Greenhouse

I made a pair of mini greenhouses/cold frames over one of our raised bed. Our raised beds are surrounded by gravel with landscaping cloth under it so I had to put all my supports inside the raised bed. The raised beds I used are 3 feet by 5 feet (approximately.)

I took two pieces of 10 foot 1/2 inch PVC pipe and cut the pieces in half; I used three of these pieces as the ribs.


The fourth piece was used for the ridgepole which was attached with zip ties. I did one ridgepole over the top and one under to see if I liked one method better then the other.


I padded the ends of the poles of one with some plastic grocery store bags and the other with rags attached with more zip ties.


I covered it with some 6mil plastic drop cloth off a roll. Right now its being held down around the edges by bricks. I have some scrap wood that I may cut down and staple it to the edges of the plastic to give it a more finished look.


For the ends i just twisted and clamped it with a $0.99 clamp from home depot.


It looks messy because of our fancy dog eared raised beds. The shape really makes it hard to tuck things in neatly.

The most expensive thing for the project was the roll of 6mil plastic. I couldn’t find a smaller package so I spent $25 for 10×100 feet. I spent $34 for two beds, and have more then enough plastic to do additional beds.

Now we have peas started out in the open and lettuce and spinach under the plastic.


The mescalin mix has gone a bit crazy, the other ones are showing up, but not quite as much.

Beans are going to get planted as soon as the soil temperatures under the plastic get warm enough. We got all of our seeds so far from Comstock and Ferre which was bought by Baker Creek last year. I’ve got my fingers crossed that they all do well. The list of what we have going on is below.

Sugar Ann Peas
Corne de Belier Peas
Bloomsdale Longstanding Spinach
Big Boston Lettuce
European Mesclun Salad mix
Valentine Bush Beans


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