Afterthought Ear Flap

I wanted to knit myself an ear flap hat that had an Andean vibe to it. I decided on this pattern but didn’t like the way the ear flaps where picked up along the hem. I also didn’t trust stockinette ear flaps to not curl. I thought about it for a while and decided to do my ear flaps as an afterthought heel.

When I got to the purl/turning row on the hem I knit the stitches where the ear flaps go with waste yarn. (Break yarn yarn, knit with the waste yarn, knit with your working yarn, break it again then knit the next flap with waste yarn and return to knitting in the round with your working yarn.)


I did the ear flaps before I folded up the hem because it seemed easier that way. I picked out the waste yarn and put the stitches onto my needles.


Then I knit it in the round following the shaping in the pattern…. making sure to repeat the decreases on the backside of the flap.

This gave me a flap that was stockinette on both sides, is extra thick and won’t curl.


Next time I will try a short row ear flap so that I don’t have to break my yarn in the process.

I apologize for the camera phone pictures, I did the ear flaps while I was snowed in and my camera batteries where dead.


The Hive Says “Hi”

We got 20 or so inches of snow earlier this week.


The bees are still hiding inside, I brushed the snow off the top and let them bee. I have been seeing dead bees scattered around the entrance on warmer days. They where all out flying on one of the crazy warm days we had a fee weeks ago.