Snow Day

We finally got a decent snow storm, but the wind has been insane. I live in a very old house and the plexiglas storm windows that attach inside the house keep on blowing out of place. I’m not sure how much snow actually fell since there has been so much drifting.


Snow blew in from under the garage doors. It also blew into the comb on the first bar of my beehive; this has me seriously worried. (We set it up so that the entrances should not be on the windy side.)


The dog is too old to enjoy the snow anymore. Her hips are bad and she has a really hard time walking in it. The cat, on the other hand…

Loves to roll in the snow.


She even dug herself a hole to roll in.


One thought on “Snow Day

  1. What a sweet, goofy kitty!

    Your bee hive is lovely. Hopefully, the dead bees you are seeing are just the normal mortality that happens in the course of a day.

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