Practicing for Next summer


I’m working on my camp stove baking for next summer. I got the idea from this post on trail cooking, and got used the silly feet baking cups that she talked about in this one. Since I am carcamping and not backpacking, I used my handy dandy kitchen scale to split the mix into thirds and followed the directions on the box.


They weren’t done when I checked them at 15 mintues, so I waited a bit and tried again.


Nineteen minutes seems to be the magic number for these.


I took them out of the cups so I could refill them and make the second batch. They fall apart easily when you take them out of the cup. Next time I’ll use a liner in them or let them cool off more before taking them out of the cup.

They came out very good; the next step is to figure out how to top them.


Snow Day

We finally got a decent snow storm, but the wind has been insane. I live in a very old house and the plexiglas storm windows that attach inside the house keep on blowing out of place. I’m not sure how much snow actually fell since there has been so much drifting.


Snow blew in from under the garage doors. It also blew into the comb on the first bar of my beehive; this has me seriously worried. (We set it up so that the entrances should not be on the windy side.)


The dog is too old to enjoy the snow anymore. Her hips are bad and she has a really hard time walking in it. The cat, on the other hand…

Loves to roll in the snow.


She even dug herself a hole to roll in.

O Christmas Tree

We have always had an angle on top of our tree. It came out last year that none of us really liked that angel. I have always wanted a star on our tree, and failed to find an acceptable topper today. I searched around the internet and found this tutorial I made it using red on one side, white on the other construction paper and glued orange and yellow tissue paper onto the white side. I covered a cardboard tube with tissue paper and glued it to the back and stuck it on the tree.


I also made treats and packed them into boxes today. I even went all out with the fancy scissors and rubber stamps to make tags.


I wonder whats inside…

I’m a Busy Bee

However, my bees are tucked away in their hive until the weather gets nice again. I am stuck wrapping up my end of the semester work and cramming for exams. As soon as I finish with school its time to crank out some Christmas presents and start studying for a super fun test I get to take in January.

Last week I made two loaves of bread machine bread. Our sad little bread machine appears to be broken. The pan will not stay snapped in on the knead cycle. I got it to work for one loaf, but I had to hold the pan down while it kneaded the second loaf.