Call of the Ocean

I have been fantasizing about living on a boat as a means of escaping my parents house. I’m being to be vague, but its not as random as it sounds. Anyway this has left me with a burning desire to be close to the water. I haven’t been spending nearly enough time on the water for the past few years, and apparently I have missed it greatly. Driving home on Monday I opted for the route that traveled along the shoreline (however, you can’t really see anything from the highway) When I got to the bit where I had to turn away from the Ocean I went on a bit of an adventure to try and find a beach/public access point so I could stick my feet in.



It really does feed my soul.


2 thoughts on “Call of the Ocean

  1. Yes, the ocean has a real pull doesn’t it? I lived on a boat for 5 years and while it was fun (at times) and I’m glad I did it…. it really was very expensive in so many ways.
    We finally moved off after a winter where the river where we moored froze solid!

    You also don’t go out much and do boating when the sun shines as that’s when you get all the never ending maintainence done!

    Worse thing though…. no room for my looms!

    :) Susan

    1. If I get a job down on the shoreline, my parents would let me live on their boat, so I wouldn’t have to pay for the boat or the insurance which would bring the costs down a lot. I’m gone climbing most weekends in the summer so they could still use it if they wanted. Its mostly just a daydream and would only happen if I got a job on the shoreline.

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