Long time no blog

I’ve been busy enjoying summer and starting the school year. I’ve mostly been letting the bees be bees and leaving them to their thing. At the begining of September they only had 2 bars of nectar and no capped honey except for a little bit in the honey crown of brood combs. So I started feeding them and they have been building comb like gang busters and storing away the syrup and hopefully some real food from plants. They are still foraging pretty heavily.


There have been yellow jackets and ants hanging out under the hive. My guess is there is some syrup dripping though the screened bottom board and onto the pavers below the hive. Today I decided to try putting the feed jars inside of a silicone baking dish that I don’t use anyway. I set my two scraps of wood in the dish then my upsidown jars with holes poked in the lid on top of that. Hopefully this doesn’t end with a lot of drowned bees.



2 thoughts on “Long time no blog

  1. That is amazing!! I love seeing them work in action. We have a swarm of bees in the bush by our front door. I’ve been wondering if there is any honey in there, but am not brave enough to try.

    Strangely enough, lots of bees keep dying. I don’t really understand it. Is it part of the season? The old bees die off?

    1. They do kick the drones out every fall. I’ve been finding wingless and legless drones around mine. Sometimes they chew up the wings so that the boys can’t get back to the hive. (They boys really don’t have any use to the hive over the winter) They could also have gotten into some pesticides while out foraging. They can go a few miles away to find food. If they are yellow jackets or another wasp and not honey bees, then only the queen lives over the winter. Bumblebees are like that too.

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