There is No Such Thing as a Failed Experiment

However, some are more successful then others.

Experiment #1: Bread Machine Zucchini Bread.

I made banana bread in the bread machine over the weekend and it came out OK. The flour kind of clumped up around the edges and the texture seemed a bit chewy. Given that the bread machine mixes the batter for 24 minutes this is hardly surprising. I played around and tried to make my own custom setting on the machine. I premixed the batter and had the machine mix it for an additional 2 minutes. Then it baked. I think it should have gone longer, but my machine wouldn’t let me start another cycle since it was already hot. There where some other contributing factors to the semi-pudding like status of the bread. I grated the zucchini pretty fine, and as a result I think i used more zucchini then I should have and the zucchini was more watery then if it was in bigger pieces. I have made my observations and learned my lessons.

DId I mention that the reason we are using the bread machine is because the oven is broken? I don’t want anyone thinking I’m lazy. The food processor is broken which is why I used the grater in the first place. After that my dad and I did some dumb things involving tin foil and string to make the food processor work. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone who repeats the act.

Experiment #2: Zucchini Carrot Cake

Most of my sqush based recpies come from Garden Way’s Zucchini Cookbook If you can find a copy for cheap you should get it. I get requests for the pumpkin cheesecake every year.

As I said the oven is broken, so I used the dutch oven outside. I’m pretty new at the dutch oven thing and I havn’t gotten the temperature control thing down, which is why I normally stick to apple crisp (less chemistry in apple crisp) I’ll spare you the gory details of dutch oven baking and just say I need to fine tune my skills to keep an accurate and consistent temp.




I used the Good Eats cream cheese frosting because it used a full thing of cream cheese and not just the 3oz called for in the book.


One thought on “There is No Such Thing as a Failed Experiment

  1. We used to go camping twice each summer with two other scouting families and have these friendly (but fierce) competitions over who could bake the fanciest meal in their dutch ovens. We made lasagna, stuffed peppers, cinnamon bread, all kinds of stuff, but I think this would have beat out all the others. Fantastic!

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