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Sam Comfort did a demonstration on making splits.


He used a follower board in the middle, so the split hive just moved into the other half of the hive. He moved the old queen to the “new hive”, then introduced a virgin queen to the “old hive”


I forget weather or not he said to just makes sure both sides had the means to make a new queen and it won’t matter which hive she winds up in, or if I read that somewhere else. At any rate I feel like you should know where the queen went so you can do some basic tracking of your bee’s family tree. Sam’s system was based on colored thumbtacks to indicate lineage, and then the position on the hive to show if the queen was mated or not.

Comb from TBH

Did you notice the lack of protective clothing on audience members and presenters?

And no event with Sam Comfort is complete without some music.


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