Look! Fiber content!

I am finally spinning up my BMFA Sheep 2 Shoe kit. At 8.5 oz it is the biggest project I have spun for. It will also push the limits of my bobins. I’m spinning it up on my Tarra wheel, which I’ve never packed to capacity… or really done anything more then sample on. If I can squeeze the almost 3 oz onto one of those bobbins the next hurdle is cramming 8.5 oz onto one of my nice big louet bobbins.

never on sunday

Since I’m pushing the limits of my bobbins I’m being extra careful to move my hook frequently; you can pack more yarn on if its evenly wound. I’m also trying to be good and check my WPI and make little plied samples as I go. I usually just let the yarn be whatever it drafts out to be, so this is a struggle for me. The reason I am taking these extra steps toward consistency is that I want to make some knee socks with my finished yarn, and feet like even yarn. Now I’m going back to my wheel to enjoy some more shark week fun.


3 thoughts on “Look! Fiber content!

  1. Pretty colors. This will be fun!

    Mom spinning?

    BTW, meant to write the other day to say that I found your story of the bee conference really fascinating.

    1. My mom got a nook and since then the poor wheel hasn’t seen much use. I think when the weather cools down she may pick it back up again. That’s her wheel in the background behind the fan.

      I’m glad you enjoyed the bees. I’m never quite sure how boring the bee talk is.

      1. I’d love to have bees someday, but my plate is already pretty full at the moment, and chickens may come before bees. Besides, there have been plenty of honeybees about in the past 3-5 years as there seem to be several new beekeepers in my area – my garden is just abuzz with them! So I’m glad to learn everything I can in the meantime just in case, and your stories are pictures are really interesting.

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