I blame this on the fact that my shawl is now so big that I can not properly spread it out and look at the entire thing.


I wanted to enter this into the garment competition at Rhinebeck. I now need to decide how important that is to me, then come up with a plan of attack.


1) Rip it all the way back to that bottom lifeline and re-knit all of that work (43 rows) and make myself sick working all that twisted rib again and be resigned to not finishing it this year.

2) Drop down the section between the ribbed columns and knit it back up, I think after blocking that would look OK.

3) Screw it and just keep knitting. This is what I would normally do, but in a piece this big that has taken up so much of my time I feel that I ought to fix it.


I’m Deffinitly not Normal

Because normal people don’t just decide to make candles when they can’t find any they like.

I was out running errands yesterday. In the back of my head I was thinking about my friends coming over to hang out on the roof deck (if the historical society asks its a widows walk) and drink a couple of beers. In the back of my head I was thinking about our lack of lighting on the deck as it has no electricity. I have a gas lantern for camping, and there is an battery lantern but those are so harsh. I was out shopping and looking for unscented container candles…. it didn’t work out. In the end I decided to just go to Michael’s and get a box of soy wax and some wax.


Soy wax is microwave friendly.


I used some crayons for color.


I used two of the little ones and two of the big ones. The little ones are purple, the middle is red, and the big ones are blue and green. I don’t think the wicks are big enough in the small and big ones, but only time will tell.


In the end we opted for back yard fire pit and marshmallows.

Did I really need more honey?


I went to the farmers market on Saturday to check out the honey. I knew that I wanted to get some orange blossom honey which is nice and light. He also had mangrove honey which was dark and reminded me of buckwheat honey. When I got home and tasted it there was a faint salty oceany background to it. I will try it again on a day I haven’t been soaking in ocean water and see if I still notice it.

There is No Such Thing as a Failed Experiment

However, some are more successful then others.

Experiment #1: Bread Machine Zucchini Bread.

I made banana bread in the bread machine over the weekend and it came out OK. The flour kind of clumped up around the edges and the texture seemed a bit chewy. Given that the bread machine mixes the batter for 24 minutes this is hardly surprising. I played around and tried to make my own custom setting on the machine. I premixed the batter and had the machine mix it for an additional 2 minutes. Then it baked. I think it should have gone longer, but my machine wouldn’t let me start another cycle since it was already hot. There where some other contributing factors to the semi-pudding like status of the bread. I grated the zucchini pretty fine, and as a result I think i used more zucchini then I should have and the zucchini was more watery then if it was in bigger pieces. I have made my observations and learned my lessons.

DId I mention that the reason we are using the bread machine is because the oven is broken? I don’t want anyone thinking I’m lazy. The food processor is broken which is why I used the grater in the first place. After that my dad and I did some dumb things involving tin foil and string to make the food processor work. I won’t go into details because I don’t want to be responsible for anyone who repeats the act.

Experiment #2: Zucchini Carrot Cake

Most of my sqush based recpies come from Garden Way’s Zucchini Cookbook If you can find a copy for cheap you should get it. I get requests for the pumpkin cheesecake every year.

As I said the oven is broken, so I used the dutch oven outside. I’m pretty new at the dutch oven thing and I havn’t gotten the temperature control thing down, which is why I normally stick to apple crisp (less chemistry in apple crisp) I’ll spare you the gory details of dutch oven baking and just say I need to fine tune my skills to keep an accurate and consistent temp.




I used the Good Eats cream cheese frosting because it used a full thing of cream cheese and not just the 3oz called for in the book.

Bees are making progress

The lazy bees have finally decided to make a full comb of honey. Now if we can get to repeat that act a few more times they might make it though the winter.


The hive is boiling over with bees, and there is a ton of purple loostrife and golden rod for them to chow down on. They should be buckling down and getting to work.

IMG_1993 b

Purple Loostrife actually makes green nectar. I had hoped to see some when I peeked in on Saturday, but it was all golden colored. (I am well aware of how evil purple loostrife is; I don’t feel the need to discuss it here)


It looks like black pollen packed in the bottom. I’ve read that tulips have very dark pollen, but its rather late in the year for that. I also read that the bees will sometimes pack back coal dust, but where would they find coal around here?

I only looked at the last few bars to see the new comb was being build straight.


They’re still building away. This is the first comb I’ve seen them drawing out in more then one place at once. The otherones have always grown from one central point.