Pickles and Beans

Today I was tasked with getting ingredients so my mom could make pickles. I went to two stop and shops, price right, and walmart. No pickling salt to be had. We called a few places and no one had any. Some of these places didn’t have any because its a fall seasonal item. Now the reason my mother is making pickles is because the cucumbers are ripe; in the fall there will be no cucumbers left to pickle. Finally we called a few Agways and they do carry it during the summer. IN the end it didn’t matter because they where closing before we could get there and my mom decided to just use kosher salt. Alton Brown says that they are chemically identical, but you need to adjust your measurements because the pickling salt has a smaller crystal and packs more tightly into a measuring cup. The pickles will be ready in three days, I think that I will take another shot of all the jam and pickles once we get them jarred up.

While I was out I decided to check out the re-opened seed store. The oldest seed store in the country closed last August and was purchased by the Baker Seed Company a few weeks ago. They opened up selling old stalk almost immediately selling old stock. Now their own brand seeds in stock. It was fun to look at all the strange shapes and colors of the heirloom plants and I would love to buy all of them. Next spring I will have to battle my parents to get some of them in the garden. (They prefer conventional plants)

I got a packet of Dragon Tongue beans to put in the bed that was supposed to have peas. Most of the peas got eaten by something, so I took the few that where left and put them in a pot. I snagged a few very young pods off the plants… they are nice and sweet and tender.


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