My mom and I did a batch of black raspberry jam, strawberry jam and mint jelly last weekend. Bringing the black raspberry jam total up to 2 batches. We’re trying to get enough berries for a third. We contemplated making mulberry jam, but mulberries have like no flavor in them and are up high enough to require a step ladder.

Jelly, jam, jam


2 thoughts on “Jamin

  1. I tried making strawberry jam for the first time this year. It turned out great but cost me a fortune. I’m hoping to plant enough berry bushes next year so I don’t have to buy the berries at the farmers market. Your jam is awesome! Do you sell it? Do you plant all of your own berry bushes?

    1. The strawberries where on sale at the supper market. We’ve been busy with a lot of family stuff for the past few years and haven’t had time to replant/add new fruit to what we already have going; next year we should be able to add to the mix. The grocery store berries aren’t the greatest but once you add all the sugar and boil it down it tastes good anyway. The mint and black raspberries are from our yard…. so are the cucumbers that are turning into pickles.

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