Because Cooking in the summer is smart

I seem to have developed a blog backlog. It’s been so hot that I just didn’t want to sit with the laptop long enough to type anything. On Tuesday I called up my friend and talked her into going berry picking at the little place in town. It’s rather late in the year so it was slim pickings, but I managed to get a quart.


I also picked 6 cups of black raspberries. Most of them will be turned into jam, some where eaten with yogurt for breakfast. I think that there is going to another few buckets of these coming in for jam before they are done for the season.

I used the strawberries to make ice cream. I used the Ben and Jerry’s recipe with the condensed milk sweet cream base. I used a potato masher on the strawberries and left some chunks. There has been a request for chunk free strawberry ice cream in the future and I will most likely follow though with that by putting the strawberry sugar goo in the food processor.

While the strawberry sugar goo for ice cream was in the fridge doing its thing I made some marinated mushrooms for my mom. Its not a very photogenic product so you will have to imagine a mason jar filled with mushrooms, oil, vinegar, green onions, and shallots.

I was trying to go easy on the cream based desserts, so Wednesday night I cranked out some lemon sorbet. (I might have accidentally bought twice as many lemons as I needed earlier this week) This was another Ben and Jerry recipe. I replaced the corn syrup with honey for obvious reasons and used some mango flavored rum that had been kicking around forever. The result was a somewhat sophisticated tasting dessert with lovely layers of flavor.


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