Summer is Here

I know that you think Summer doesn’t start till next week, but I have proof you are wrong.


My father promptly yelled at me for eating all of “his” berries when he caught me eatting directly off the brambles this afternoon. Directly off the plant, or in a bowl of milk with some sugar are the only two ways to eat fresh berries… in case you where wondering.

In case you think that black berries and black rasberries are the same thing I will point out how to identify a black raspberry.


In a blackberry the stem stays in, in either kind of raspberry the stem pulls out leaving a hole in the top of the berry.


You can see the little white bit that stays on the plant with the stem. The two berries don’t really taste anything alike… I prefer the red and black raspberries to blackberries. Our blackberries are also much larger then a raspberry and sadly they aren’t ripe yet so I can’t give you a picture.

P.S the bees say hi.



One thought on “Summer is Here

  1. Berries can also be made into pie or crisp or crumble or whatever crust to berry ratio you prefer. With whipped cream of course – and not from the can.

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