New Toy!

I was getting ready for Knit in Public day when my parents call me; they had just left the house so I assumed they had some odd or end for me to do. They where actually around the corner at a tag sale and found a spinning wheel and wanted me to come look at and see if it was worth buying.


I arrived to find an Ashford Traditional, a few bags of fiber, niddy noddy, double treadle upgrade with the original single treadle in a box, and other odds and ends. I asked if I could test it and the lady brought me a stool and I set up on the sidewalk (the only flat spot) and started spinning. Of course, any time you start spinning on a wheel you draw a crowd. It was in dire need of some oil, but it was in working order. So my mom plopped down the cash for what I consider to be an obscenely cheap wheel.


I really feel bad for this women. She had all the toys to learn to spin, but 2 of the bags of fiber where horrible. The staple length is probably not over an inch and a half and filled with second cuts… not really stuff to be learning on. There was some merino and mohair/wool but that wasn’t what was on the bobbin. The extra bobbins don’t even have leaders on them.

My mom tried to spin a bit today and made typical beginner yarn. She didn’t want to try the drop spindle first so we shall see how it goes. She started with the gross short staple wool, but did a lot better once I made her switch to the mohair blend.


5 thoughts on “New Toy!

    1. It has a small scuff on one of the maidens and some surface rust on the footman connectors. Knit in Public Day was awesome, I think we should have a prize for the wandering public knitting.

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