Lots of Important Stuff

Today is my mom’s birthday and my aunt’s birthday. (sisters born exactly one year apart) So happy birthday to them. While we’re at it my grandfather’s birthday (their father) is tommrow, so happy birthday to him too.

Yesterday was the second Bacon, Cheese, and Chocolate potluck and it was fantastic…. I’m still trying to burn of all the calories I consumed.

Jacie is having a 100th post give away, so you should go over to her blog and leave a comment. Seriously, she has a spindle and fiber she’s giving away!

Last google installed four beehives on their property. It would be awesome if more companies did that. I can think of a few big offices around here that certainly have enough property to pull it off. Long the same vein think of how much gas they would save if they turned their expansive lawns into fields of wild flowers. I really do think that grass is a waste of resources if you arn’t using the lawn for anything.


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