DIY Andean Plying Tool

I got my order from Corgi HIll today. I got a very pretty merino, tussah and firestar batt in “Tiffany Tango” (Turquoise, brown and cream) It came with a mini chunk of BFL and silk roving in shades of blue. I promptly started spinning it on my wheel.


I wanted to Andean ply, but didn’t feel like strangling my fingers in the process. I lack an Andean plying tool, so I decided to make my own.


I traced my wrist and up to the base of my thumb and pinky finger and used that combined with the picture of the plying tool to come up with the shape. I cut out two picees of cardboard in that shape (I used a priority mail box) and sandwiched a size 7 knitting needle inbetween the cardboard.

I wrapped the “wrist” bit with a heavy duty hair elastic, but a rubber band would work as well. Then I proceeded as normal for Andean plying. When I finished wrapping I pulled the needle out and then used the bracelet on my own wrist because that seemed easiest.


I would use a more finger sized needle next time… I’m not sure why I just would. I would also let the singles sit for a bit as they where really kinky. I didn’t do a steller job plying, but it was good stress relief.


5 thoughts on “DIY Andean Plying Tool

  1. After using my hand for some Andean plying last night I knew there must be a better way. Your idea seems most excellent and I plan on using it next time.

    Also I totally like your blog!

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