so very domestic

I thought with all my new found free time I would be knitting, spinning, and weaving my butt off. Instead I’ve been cooking. Baking bread, and dumping ingredients into the bread machine. Today I have my eyes set on something completely different.


I just watched the Good Eats pickling episode and am going to the store to get carrots, dried chilies, and lids for our mason jars so I can make Firecrackers.


3 thoughts on “so very domestic

  1. Where did you learn to knit and weave? I am so jealous! This summer I had set a goal to learn to do some of those things…like crocheting, hemming, cross-stitch…ugg I wish I could learn! That’s awesome you have those skills. And cooking is good too :D

    1. My grandma tried to teach me to knit when I was little, but it didn’t really stick. In 2005 I decided to knit for some reason or another and taught myself again with the help of books and such. The spinning and weaving was all self taught out of books and you tube videos. “I’m still quite new at weaving and not particularly skilled at it.)My mom says I have always had above average fine motor skills, and I think that is the reason I pick these things up so easily.

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