Tiny Crochet Hooks

I got a baggie of 12 tiny steel crochet hooks today from the consignment table at RI sheep and wool. I needed a tiny hook for the beaded edging on my shawl, so I figured I’d lower my carbon foot print by buying the baggie of used hooks.


I was just flipping though them and noticed one has some cool engraving on it. (saddly it is one of the two that has no brand written on it)


I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it looks rather like a vine with leaves.


I get the warm and fuzzies about buying things that where made in the USA. Its something I have a really hard time doing, so even if the hooks are ancient, most of them where boye with made in the USA stamped on the back. One is a hero, two are milward and two are unmarked. The Hero is also stamped made in the USA, and one of the Milward hooks is stamped made in England. I have no idea where boy makes their needles now because none of my needles are marked with a country of origin.


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