so very domestic

I thought with all my new found free time I would be knitting, spinning, and weaving my butt off. Instead I’ve been cooking. Baking bread, and dumping ingredients into the bread machine. Today I have my eyes set on something completely different.


I just watched the Good Eats pickling episode and am going to the store to get carrots, dried chilies, and lids for our mason jars so I can make Firecrackers.


Don’t Squish Bees


I squished one with my pinky while puting the bars back in the hive. They don’t really like that. I have learned that the actual sting doesn’t hurt too much, but it swelled up nicely and is rather itchy.

New Queen

I picked up a new queen today and put it into the hive. I’m so paranoid that this isn’t going to work for some reason or another… but I’ve decided that that’s all the help they are going to get from me. If this doesn’t work out then they are on their own.


Drone rocking his sunglasses. (they don’t sting)


Bee working her way out of a cell.


Dad and I went to get our weights straightned out today. In the brilliant murky shallows of a beach in CT

It was 20 minutes of this…


and this…


oh and this…


I almost swam into a rock because visibility was so bad. I didn’t see the giant rock until it was inches from my nose.

Also, there appeared to be a floating toilet at someones moring ball. I failed to get a picture of it :(

Bakeing Bread

I made the second loaf from the wheat bread dough I made on Sunday… not enough dough went in the pan so its far to short for toast and sandwiches. That meant there was only one option, make another loaf. I made a white bread recipe from the book my mom just got and it came out really good. It had a little bit of honey in it and just the right amount of chew. Almost all of the recipes in the book have you add gluten to them. I think that helps the texture and chew a lot.

I also learned that the pan is still hot when it comes out of the bread machine. I did use pot holders to pull it out, but the bread was stuck. At least three times I touched the pan directly. It turns out one of the paddles was completely in cased in the bread… I had to cut it out.

Tiny Crochet Hooks

I got a baggie of 12 tiny steel crochet hooks today from the consignment table at RI sheep and wool. I needed a tiny hook for the beaded edging on my shawl, so I figured I’d lower my carbon foot print by buying the baggie of used hooks.


I was just flipping though them and noticed one has some cool engraving on it. (saddly it is one of the two that has no brand written on it)


I couldn’t get a good picture of it, but it looks rather like a vine with leaves.


I get the warm and fuzzies about buying things that where made in the USA. Its something I have a really hard time doing, so even if the hooks are ancient, most of them where boye with made in the USA stamped on the back. One is a hero, two are milward and two are unmarked. The Hero is also stamped made in the USA, and one of the Milward hooks is stamped made in England. I have no idea where boy makes their needles now because none of my needles are marked with a country of origin.