First Inspection

I went in for a look at the bees today. I was pretty nervouse so I didn’t do a very good job taking pictures. They hadn’t let the queen out yet so there weren’t any eggs to look for. They had started work on the first 3 bars. I started to brush the bees off one of the bars, but the wax was pretty soft so I stopped before I got them all off. They havn’t been eatting much syrup. There where two one pint mason jars in there and there was maybe an inch or so of air at the top. There was some nector/syrup stored in the comb and some pollen. I called it good enough when I saw that. I popped the cork out of the queen cage and set it back inside so she can walk out on her own.



the comb the built was nice and straight too.


2 thoughts on “First Inspection

  1. The bees in your hive have made some *beautiful* comb! How long have they been in there?

    I’m curious to hear how you like working with the top-bar hive.

  2. They where in for a week in that picture. I hope to see some brood when I get in the hive again. (forcast isn’t looking good for early next week)

    I like the top bar hive so far. I like that its at waist height so working on it is easy. Its also nice that the hive is covered on top and you only open it up where you want to. If I was just making sure the queen was out I could have just opened up some of the bars behind where the comb is reached in and taken the cage out to look, pop the cork and let her back in to walk out on her own. I did have a hard time getting the bees out of the way to put the bars back. I’m sure that it is a skill I will gain with time.

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