Baby bees are in the Makeing

in the hive

That little piece of comb is on bar 8



Eggs… Click to follow though to flickr and you can use the “all sizes” button to make it giant.

MOre pictures in my bee set at flickr.


Pretty Spindle

I don’t think I ever posted about the spindle I got from cavyshops over on etsy. Its super pretty and spins well too.



I spun up the fiber that was packed with it, then wound it onto a bobbin and navajo plied it on my wheel.



I wound it on my adorable mini niddy noddy, then stuck it in the sink with some wool wash. It is upstairs drying now.

This is what my life has come to…

I just finished my reworking of a geometry assignment. I prefer to type these kinds of things, but have never taken the time to find out the best way to go about typing out math expressions before. With a quick google search I discovered that open office had that ability built in. Now I can put lovely things like this into my proofs.


I also went and downloaded a bunch of geometry sketch programs for my netbook which runs Ubuntu. I then gave myself a massive headache trying to lean how to use them. I settled on a program called kseg geometry sketchpad and now I can put pretty pictures like this into my proofs instead of doing constructions by hand.


In a few more weeks I will be done with school for a little while and then I can knit, spin and weave my heart out.

Rain, Rain, Rain

I’m sitting on my hands waiting for the weather to warm up and dry out enough to check on the bees. I’m anxious to see if the queen is laying so I can make sure that there will be plenty of bees hatching out in a few weeks. It looks like Friday will be the best day for me to go in and check.

Back to the school work. Three weeks left till the end of the semester.

First Inspection

I went in for a look at the bees today. I was pretty nervouse so I didn’t do a very good job taking pictures. They hadn’t let the queen out yet so there weren’t any eggs to look for. They had started work on the first 3 bars. I started to brush the bees off one of the bars, but the wax was pretty soft so I stopped before I got them all off. They havn’t been eatting much syrup. There where two one pint mason jars in there and there was maybe an inch or so of air at the top. There was some nector/syrup stored in the comb and some pollen. I called it good enough when I saw that. I popped the cork out of the queen cage and set it back inside so she can walk out on her own.



the comb the built was nice and straight too.