I’m back

I was in Kentucky, now I’m back. Today’s post is brought to you by my friend’s victory whip.





Rip it good

After spending the past two days tinking and re knitting I’ve decided that the best course of action is to thread a lifeline and rip back down to the start of the first lace repeat. I mean what is the point of being mad at your knitting when it only took a few hours total to get to that point anyway? This time there will be lifelines and stitch markers involved. In the process I ripped the yarn a few times, now I’m going to have to pick the stitches up and start again.


I’m a bad blogger

Or a very busy one…

Today was really nice. I scooted to school both days I had class, and before that I went to SnB, then to Jenny’s house, then home… I also scooted to my aunts house. And I didn’t even have a full tank when I started this mission. Its no wonder that my tank was all the way on E when I checked it out half way to school today. Lucky for me there was a gas station near by.

When I got home I took the dog into the yard to enjoy some fresh air. I sent her to look for flowers.


She found a bunch of little shoots, but only one little patch of snowdrops.