What to weave next?

Should I weave dishtowels or another scarf from hand spun?

I like the star dishtowels form interweave, and I have blue, green, purple and white unmercinized cotton to make them with. I also have a weaving magazine that has several different twill dishtowels in it. (the name and location of said magazine escapes me right now.)

I also have a lovely selection of handspun to be woven up. I was thinking a birdseye twill would be simpler then the M’s and W’s pattern I used for this scarf.

handwoven scarf

I kept getting lost in the “treadling” (can you call it treadling when you’re using theh levers on a table loom?) I found some simple and pretty birds eye twills on handweaving.net.

I have pink and black merino tencel with fairly long repeats


I also have this blue/purple superwash merino


There is another superwash merino with blues and yellows that is embarassingly still on the bobbin after several months.

The warp for all of them would be black merino tencel. (webs colrain lace) Now if I could do some of my geomentry homework I could pick one and start warping.


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